A downloadable game for Windows

Relive the Legend

Hollow is a horror hayride adapted from the Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving. Immerse yourself with Oculus VR and grip the reins with Leap Motion integration.

Ye be warned, this experience can be frightful.

Cherry Pie Games

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Streamer/Youtuber Swifty plays Hollow

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Q: Can I play without an Oculus Rift? Can I play without Leap Motion?

Yes. And yes, Leap and VR are purely supplementary but highly recommended.

Q: Should I play with the Leap Motion on the table or mounted to the table?

We recommend placing the Leap Motion on the table.

Q: I'm using DK1/DK2 of the Oculus Rift and the game crashes on startup, what should I do?

Set the Rift Display Mode to Extend to Desktop to the HMD instead of Direct HMD Access from Apps.

Q: What should I do when I see this?

"The program can't start because MSVCP120.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix this problem."

You need to download this.

Q: How scary is this game?

Hollow isn't scary, but startling. Even as developers, we are prone to getting startled. Before letting a child at heart play, have a brave soul volunteer.

Oh. And don't choose the left path.

Q: Why isn't my Oculus working?

Install the latest Oculus firmware

Q: Why are some Leap gestures not working?

1. Simple fix- Click inside the Hollow game window or banner right as the game starts.

Dev Team & Community

Brandon Austin -- 3D Modeling, Animator & Programmer

David Berry -- 3D Modeling, Web Design & 2D Artist

Jeremy Boggs (killerham) -- Design, Programmer & Voice Actor

Justin Gist -- Audio Designer & Foley Artist

Kory Lauver -- 3D Modeling & Particle Effects

Christina Parker -- 3D Modeling & Promoting

Kevin MacLeod -- Composer

UCF GameDev Knights

UCF GameDev Knights

Indienomicon 2014 Expo



Unreal Engine 4.7

Official Leap Motion Unreal 4 Plugin

Oculus Rift VR 0.4.4 Beta


Hollow_setup_v2_7.exe (Old Build) 145 MB
Hollow_setup_v2_8.exe 145 MB

Install instructions

Windows Install

  1. Run Hollow_setup_v2_8.exe
  2. Make sure to run the game in Administrator mode